Very High Risk Air Mattress Premier 2 Active


Invacare Softform Premier Active 2 The Softform Premier Active 2 hybrid mattress replacement system delivers optimal therapy at the touch of a button. The clinically proven interface of the Softform Premier foam mattress combined with active alternating air cells beneath, provides both prevention and treatment of severe pressure ulcers. The comfortable patient interface ensures that therapy is delivered without compromise and a step-up of support surface is provided without disturbance.
A quiet, unobtrusive power unit can be activated to provide alternating therapy to a high specification static foam support surface without the need for patient transfer. ‘Very High Risk’ Static Surface A high specification foam interface offers a comfortable, effective, pressure redistributing surface for patients at ‘Very High Risk’ 4,5 of
developing pressure ulcers. The foam is specifically cut for effective contouring, microclimate and pressure redistribution management. The static surface can be ‘stepped up’ easily and quickly with the addition of a pump for the treatment of severe pressure ulcers. Alternating Surface At the touch of a button, the pump can be activated
so the uniquely designed bow-shaped air cells inflate and deflate beneath the foam interface. The static surface is then transformed into an effective therapeutic surface for the treatment of pressure ulcers without compromising patient comfort. Air cells inflate and deflate to effectively transfer tissue pressure from one area to another. Firm side formers provide a stable transfer edge, offering security to the patient.
Hybrid Technology The combination of foam interface and alternating cells working together offers a complete solution to all patient groups in the prevention and healing of pressure ulcers. With the addition or removal of the
pump the patient can quickly be stepped up or stepped down with therapy as required. Air cell design , air cells offer a stable support surface along with improved comfort for the patient. Advanced insert materials ensure the foam glides smoothly over the cells with ease, reducing friction and shear forces. The bow shape of the air cells ergonomically cradles the patient’s body shape, catering for a wide range of patient proportions and varying weight distribution. “Plug & play” digital pump Simple operation, no programming or adjustment required,
simply switch on. Features audible alarm and universal mounting brackets. Individually replaceable air cells
Can easily be replaced without removing the mattress from the bed. The Softform Premier Active 2 is clinically proven to prevent and promote the healing of pressure ulcers. Independently published clinical evidence has documented accounts of patient conditions where healing of up to Grades III and IV pressure ulcers are detailed. Feedback has also shown that the Softform Premier Active 2 is a comfortable solution for patients, many with complex and/or multiple conditions. In numerous sites where the Active 2 has become standard issue of equipment, it has been evaluated as a very positive experience for the patient. Staff who have prescribed the Softform Premier Active 2 have found its installation swift and operation simple. As patient therapy requirements change, there is no time-lapse where a mattress is changed from a static to a dynamic system. This offers instant therapy therefore reducing moving and handling, risk, staff and equipment requirements, infection control risk and patient anxiety.

Max User weight 39 stone. various sizes available.