Suction Grab Rail


EasyBar Suction Grab Rail – 350mm.

This EasyBar Suction Grab Rail is a very sturdy household aid that is 350mm (13.75″) in length and offers the user safe and secure support anywhere required. This grab rail has a clever design which allow this to be achieved without the need for drilling or for permanent fixing. This shorter, 350mm (13.75″), version of the EasyBar Suction Grab Rail features a strong vacuum pad at either end of the rail, each of which will lock against any smooth, non pourous surface and hold the rail securely in place without the need for screws or adhesives. For additional user safety, the EasyBar benefits from safety lock indicators that display green when the grab rail is securely locked in place and red when it is not locked securely. The suction fitting nature of the grab rail makes it totally portable, allowing it to be moved and repositioned as required, and also allowing it to be popped in a case for holidays or travel.

Product Specification:

  • One EasyBar Suction Grab Rail – 350mm
  • Very sturdy quality suction grab rail
  • Offers the user really safe, secure support
  • Suction grab rail requires no permanent fixing
  • Suitable for use all around the home
  • Very quick and easy to position and attach
  • Features safety lock indicators for safety
  • Ideal for travel or temporary support
  • No tools required during fitting
  • Grab Rail length: 350mm (13.75″)
  • Grab Rail weight: 350 g (12 oz)