Stand Aid Roze Hoist



The Invacare Roze stand assist offers an alternative to a passive lift when a degree of weight bearing ability remains. Ideal for rehabilitation, degenerative conditions and clients whose condition varies from day to day, the Roze can provide dignity and a greater degree of independence. With the latest control technology, the Roze offers a ‘Soft Start’and ‘Soft Stop’ function that provides a more comfortable transfer. Combining a range of adjustable features with a lightweight aluminum construction, the Roze is equally at home in Residential and Acute Care environments.
Invacare Roze Max. user weight 200 kg Height-adjustable leg support. The padded leg support can be adjusted for different needs. Removable foot plate is horizontal and can be removed for standing or walking a patient during rehabilitation. Control box with diagnostic system. This intelligent monitoring system includes a service reminder, emergency operation, audio battery alarm and battery indicator. A versatile stand assist. The Invacare Roze is a versatile stand assist lifter that supports the transfer of individuals who can only bear a minimal amount of their own weight. Ideal fortransfers from a seated to seated or seated to standing position, the small footprint of the Roze and
wide leg opening offers a flexible and comfortable transfer. Safety first, with an intelligent control box.
The Roze is fitted with a control box that has a diagnostic system system that highlights the battery status, indicates
number of lifts, overloading information and service condition of the lifter to ensure safe patient

5 years warranty: Frame, control box & actuator
2 years warranty: Hand control
1 year warranty: Battery

Backed up by Our After Sales service by in House engineers