Relaxer Bath lift


The Relaxer Bath lift from Kissack Care


The Relaxer bath lift is a motorised device designed to aid the user getting into and out of the bath. With the use of the Relaxer bath lift, access to the bath becomes safe and easy. Stainless steel is used to fabricate the interior of the cabinet to provide improved corrosion resistance.

The Relaxa bath lift works by feeding out the belt and attaching this to the floor mounting bar. The user then sits on the belt and is gently lowered into the bath at the touch of a button.


  • Integral curved grab rail for your safety
  • Control via the main unit or the handset
  • Built in water temperature gauge
  • Battery powered – no electrical risk
  • Safety feature to not allow the belt to lower a user unless sufficient charge to come back up
  • Simply lifts of the wall bracket to aid cleaning
  • UK manufactured


  • Casing – 55.5cm x 29cm x 12cm
  • Max User Weight – 127kg

*Please note that this is a belt where the maximum seat width is equivalent to the size of your bath.

Latest model also has these feature!

  • The screen on the bath lift is brighter and is easier to read.
  • The grey rubber buttons have been replaced by easy to press switches situated under the label.
  • When the buttons are pressed arrows will appear on the screen to show the user which direction the belt is moving.  The bather does not have to think which button they are pressing – they can see it.
  • When the bather stops pressing the button the temperature will appear for about 20 seconds.
  • The temperature probe is now permanently fixed to the unit.
  • When the battery is low the red indicator light on the right hand side of the display together with an audible warning (2 beeps) will remind the bather the battery needs charging.  This is an early warning and the bath lift will still operate normally.  There will also be a display showing a battery with an exclamation mark.
  • If this warning is ignored and the bath lift continues to be used, the red indicator warning will appear and a continuous audible alarm will sound.  This time the display will show a battery with a cross and the bath lift will not operate in the down position.  However, it will have sufficient energy to lift the bather out of the bath.
  • The voltage of the battery can also be checked by pressing both buttons on either the bath lift or the remote control together.  The voltage will appear on the screen.
  • The belt sleeve will now be included as standard in the box with the Relaxa.
  • Tel Kissack Care IOM for further info, installation can be arranged on 611559
The Relaxer Bath lift is a motorised device designed for the use of the elderly and for those who find that getting into and out of the bath has become increasingly difficult. With its use, access becomes safe and easy. Stainless steel is used to fabricate the interior of the cabinet to provide improved corrosion resistance.
The unit has a thermometer to test the temperature of the water.
Two 12 volt rechargeable lead acid batteries provide a 24 volt DC supply to the motor. Indicator lights in green and red shows the battery is in operation and the battery condition.
Battery Charger
A managed 24 volt 300MA charger is provided.
Maximum load
127 kgm (20 stone)
“UP” and “DOWN” buttons are located on the front of the Relaxa  bathlift. A sealed hand control with “UP” and “DOWN” buttons is also provided.
Belt Reversal
The Relaxer bath lift is designed with an anti-belt reversal mechanism.
An integral handle is provided but this can be removed or re-sited as required.
Re-inforced Polypropylene
The unit is slim and fits neatly at the side of the bath. The length is 55.5cm, the height is 32.5cm and the depth is 11.8cm
The unit itself weighs 11kgms. The box when packed to include other items weighs 15.9kgms
The complete Relaxer Bath Lift unit is manufactured in the United Kingdom.