ORION PRO Battery Scooter




  • Invacare® Orion PRO

    Comfort, safety and reliability 
    with added performance

    Ideal for longer trips into town or afternoons driving around the park with your grandchildren, the new ergonomically designed Orion PRO is a powerful upgrade to our standard Orion Metro model.

    With enhanced battery performance, superior suspension and large 12″ wheels, the new Orion PRO is ideal for users who need that extra performance.

    The Orion PRO blends this extra performance with all of our existing comfort, safety and reliability features to make it the ideal choice for those who demand more.

    Advanced suspension, smoother drive

    The advanced suspension system on the Orion PRO has been designed to bring better performance and give a smoother ride over a variety of surfaces and terrains.  In addition, the Orion PRO features a powerful motor and 12″ wheels to ensure that whether you are in the city or the country, you get where you need to go in comfort and style.

    Performance with security and safety

    The Orion PRO has been subjected to German independent TÜV laboratory testing, ensuring that individuals can be confident that they are driving a scooter that adheres to the latest European Medical Device Standards.

    In addition, an on-board electronic speed reduction system automatically reduces speed round bends, ensuring drivers are confidently making safe, comfortable manoeuvres.  A two-step disengaging lever prevents the scooter from free-wheeling if it is knocked out of drive mode.

    Quick and easy serviceability

    The Orion PRO has been built using an array of quality components, which have enabled us to make it both reliable and easy to service.  The electronics and motor have additional protection to guard against water and corrosion, safeguarding the vital workings of the scooter against any unnecessary malfunctions.  The top cover can also be easily removed to check the motor, batteries, electronics and cables.

    Features and Options

    Intuitive LCD Display
    Easy to understand layout giving you complete confidence and control when driving, indicating speed, miles travelled and battery charge plus much more.
    Premium seat
    The all New Orion Pro comes with a premium seat that offers a more sporty feel, a higher backrest section and stylish looks.
    Finite tiller movement
    Easily adjustable tiller with stepless adjustments to enhance steering control.  This coupled with the new head tube angle of 70°, helps to give more responsive steering control.

    Ergonomic steering
    Our ergonomically designed steering system makes for easier, more responsive control.
    Hand brake
    Ensures immediate braking if required or let got of power control for auto braking.
    Brake light
    Clear and bright brake lighting warns people that the scooter is slowing down.

    Disengaging lever
    Two step disengaging lever prevents the scooter from accidentally free-wheeling.
    Auto-speed reduction
    Automatic speed reduction reduces speed around bends for additional safety.
    Customise your scooter with shrouds and accessories
    Choose from 10 shroud colours and over 25 accessories for customising your scooter to your individual style.

    Features and Accessories

    Colour of Shrouds

    Classic Colour Line

    Premium Colour Line