Orion 4 Battery Scooter



Whether you enjoy a quick trip to meet friends for food or taking a short journey to the local shops, the Orion is
the ideal choice to take you there. The all new, ergonomically designed Orion has been designed from the ground
up to focus on key aspects important to both new and seasoned scooter users. As a result, it is equipped with
numerous features to ensure users experience a safe, easy and enjoyable ride.
The Orion is the perfect mix of comfort, safety and reliability! Controlled and sturdy drive .The suspension system on the compact Orion has been designed to navigate a variety of everyday surfaces and terrains, allowing you to relax and enjoy a controlled, sturdy drive in comfort. It’s powerful motor, combined with 11” wheels, will take you smoothly and safely over obstacles or uneven ground.
Safety as standard In addition to a unique lighting system, the Orion is equipped with an electronic speed reduction feature that automatically reduces speed around bends, ensuring safe, comfortable manouvres at all times. A two-step disengaging lever prevents the scooter from free-wheeling if it is knocked out of drive mode. These features, combined with extensive German independent TÜV laboratory testing, ensure that safety comes as standard with the
Invacare Orion Simplicity and serviceability By using an array of quality components, we have made the Orion both reliable and easy to service. Simply remove the rear cover to access batteries, electronics, motor and cables. Electronics and the motor are protected from corrosion and water which safeguard the vital workings of
the scooter against dirt preventing any unnecessary malfunctions.