Ceiling Hoists


The Invacare Robin ceiling hoist provides a unique and innovative method of transfer. The only hoist available that
has ‘Dual Strap’ technology, the Robin offers a comfortable and safe transfer with optimal communication between client and carer. Features and options the importance of interaction during transfer when carrying out a hoist transfer there are a number of key factors to consider. These include ensuring clear and effective communication,
alleviating concerns of the client as well as minimising risk. Effective communication the Robin’s unique ‘Dual Strap’ technology does not rely on a spreader bar, therefore ensuring eye contact between client and carer at all times. In addition, the Robin grants the carer fuller interaction and provides an environment where re-assurance can be provided at all times. The lack of spreader bar above the head removes any fears that the client may have of coming into contact with the equipment or the equipment passing their face and the Risk is minimised.
The Health and Safety Executive advise that any risk associated with the client coming into contact with the spreader bar should be managed during the transfer*. The Robin’s ‘Dual Strap’ A focus on safety and ease of use. The Invacare Robin has been developed with a particular emphasis on safety. In the event of an emergency situation, lowering, raising and stop functions are standard features built into the motor unit.
The lifting mechanism also offers an overload security system. The self adjusting strap inlet allows the straps to adjust to the client’s body shape, and the centrifugal braking system ensure that the straps are synchronised for a balanced lift.
The ‘Dual Strap’ system enables the carer to attach the sling to the hoist with the minimum of effort with
the added security of a simple locking mechanism. Max user weight 200kg Supply and installed by our in house installers together with our after sales for service and repair.