Action NG Aluminium Chair




Action NG2

Quality and performance for everyday mobility The Action2 NG provides essential support to positively enhance
everyday mobility. It’s easy handling makes the wheelchair ideal for basic needs with quality components to give effortless rolling performance both in doors and out. A great bonus to the Action2 NG is it’s cross compatibility throughout the Action range, offering  familiarity and flexibility to a hugely successful Action family.

Light and comfortable With a weight from 14.9 kilos, the Invacare Action 2 NG fulfills all essential functional requirements. The stable folding frame means the wheelchair is easy to handle, and being lightweight makes transportation trouble-free. Quality of life The tried-and-tested technology of the Action family products allow
individuals to go wherever they  desire. Cross-compatibility between a number of components on the
Action 3 and 4NG, make this an product that can be easily adapted to meet individual needs. Also available in a
transit version.Anti-tippers Provide extra safety on slopes or uneven ground. Available in multiple seat widths and crash tested with clamp points/fixings